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Take the salt off the table.

Read the label.

Just about everything cannd has added salt.  Most products can be purchaced without sodium. Canned beans and vegs can be rinsed before eating. Especially soups, many contain over 1000mg salt per serving, about 2/3 the amount that many Doctors recommend per day.Deli meats are full of sodium nitrates which are used in explosives and fertilizers. Instant soup cups, dressings, boxed foods, and take out foods are loaded with salt. Many “diet”foods are highly salted.
Many people consume 6 grams daily(12000mg!) Many people are salt sensative , excess salt causes the body to retain fluid, further stressing the heart and kidneys as well as blood pressure. When you’re cooking, add some if needed, sea salt is best. Use herbs and spices, lemon works well in some recipes. no sodium Tomato paste adds good flaver to foods. Soon you will start enjoying food without salt. You’ll notice right away when something is over salted.
Use your imagination, you’ll be surprised how many substitutions there are for salt.